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Rep. Bachmann right to question Census Bureau

The Kool-Aid must not have been mixed very well before you wrote the editorial on July 2 attacking Rep. Bachmann for her concern about ACORN's involvement in the 2010 Census.

A few facts that may cause some misconceptions:

- The census has been under the control of the fairly politically neutral U.S. Commerce Department until this year when it was moved to the direct control of the somewhat very political White House.

- ACORN is funded with $5 billion in stimulus money for the purpose as you state "in letting people know there are jobs available for the 2010 Census, especially that of enumerator." That's an awful lot of walking money on certain streets for a group with an extremely leftist leaning.

- We aren't just finding out about ACORN. Investigations are ongoing in a number of states and were exposed months before the election. Not only in voter registration fraud but ACORN was influential in obtaining billions in sub-prime loans that led to our current economic catastrophe.

- ACORN has become an albatross around the neck of leftists. So ACORN is changing its name -- Community Organizations International or COI. Remember that new name. Remember that new acronym. Beware!

Your comment about people being finicky about filling out government forms you have to apply the "Trust me, I'm with the government" defense is laughable in your endorsement of one of the most corrupt and secretive organizations of modern times.

I certainly have some misconceptions.

Jerry Larson


EDITOR'S NOTE: The U.S. Census Bureau received $1 billion in economic stimulus funds, mostly to hire new personnel, not to fund ACORN (