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Evolution: Schools teach knowledge, not radicalism

I find the letter posted on June 19, "Product of teaching evolution: godless society" very absurd. Though the theory of evolution is just that, a "theory," it is very convincing based on science which more often than not, turns out to be fact. I have no personal prejudice against religions of any kind, but there's a reason why teaching of "god" or religions are not taught in schools, especially public schools.

Teaching of religious values in schools -- though good in intention -- will only create a religious state, imposing their beliefs on others. Take a lesson from history, various Middle Eastern Islamic nations and various European Christian nations of the Middle Ages were at war constantly, based upon religious beliefs. I remind you both cultures believed they were doing the righteous noble acts in the name of God. More people died in the name of God than anything else in the world.

Science has brought us the modern age and with it new knowledge and understanding; evolution. I agree it is just a theory, but it is very reasonable. Every modern technology that we take advantage of was once a scientific theory; radio waves, electricity, flight, nuclear fusion, all theories. They are things we cannot see but are very obvious. We can't see an atom, but a theory insists that we are made up of it. Evolution is a form of scientific teaching; it does not have the effects religion does. The effect of teaching evolution in schools is a more logical sense of thinking.

The separation of church and state should be just that, separated. It is fine to practice what you believe in, but not in a public institution. Also, if you teach creationism of one religion, you must allow all religions to be taught. This would not be a wise choice to make, if you teach Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or other religions. No one would agree because these teachings are based on faith, not logical thinking. The morality of society is the result of each individual of that society. Children should not be taught how to think, but to attain all knowledge presented to them.

Teaching that God will punish you if you don't do certain things, sounds to me more like a dictatorship regime. Schools are an institution of knowledge, not radicalism.

Amarin Chanthorn