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Letter: Economic stimulus plan only deja vu plan again

History is set to repeat itself, again. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009 in Washington has all the hallmarks of a classic deja vu. Last year the federal government sent out rebate checks in an attempt to stimulate the economy. They also dumped huge sums of money into failing Wall Street banks and insurance firms.

Both had no effect.

It's long past time that central planners learned that throwing good money after bad will not stimulate the economy. We must instead cut taxes, reform burdensome regulation and eliminate government waste. It is not until we pay attention to our history of stimulus failures, that we can begin to move toward the future.

Further, this action by President Obama is of such weight that it should not be entertained until all Americans are represented; Minnesota does not currently have full representation in Washington for debate and presentation.

Paul D Larsien

Plymouth, Minn.