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Letter: Bemidji baseball suffers without Carrington Field

It is with great sadness I read that the city of Bemidji and its Parks and Trail Commission has decided to initiate the demise of baseball in Bemidji by doing away with the Carrington Field. While I am sure there is a place in this community for skateboarding and Frisbee golf, I am puzzled that the city has decided to establish these two at the expense of America's pastime.

There was a time, not that long ago, when this city had little baseball. The Chiefs, Legion, VFW, Braves/Lions, Lumberjacks and one youth team, playing in the Blackduck League because none was available in Bemidji.

Today, with the hard work and dedication of many men and women, the baseball picture in Bemidji is closer to where it always should have been in a city this size. Going backwards to having only one full-size field (at BSU) and so many teams vying for its use well ... you can do the math, is not the answer. The Middle School field is not an option here. The city's response seems to be ... relocate ... much easier said than done when the obvious answer is leave Carrington where it is with possible upgrades. It's the old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" idea.

If this development isn't puzzling enough, even more glaring is the lack of uproar that should be rolling through the Bemidji area at the very idea. The Buckanagas, Noga's, Hickersons, Grims, Wynnes, Roders and Whelans must be shaking their heads. Would Mike Fogelson be the Lumberjack coach today if he and his brothers had not played at Carrington? Where are the voices of the baseball people/coaches of this community whose toil developed the current programs? Cliff Morlan and Mark Evenson must be rolling in their graves and one can only guess as to the field in questions namesake, a city icon on his own.

Stand up Bemidji baseball fans ... Stand up!

Jim Atkins

Houston, Texas