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Letter: Republican Party shoots itself in foot over unity

I have some questions for the Republicans in Congress. Is your opposition to Mr. Obama's stimulus plan based on partisanship or do you really think it's too expensive? If you are really that fiscally responsible, where were you a half dozen years ago when you controlled Congress and Bush bankrupting the nation?

Our Republican Party has shot itself in the foot by worshipping at the altar of party unity. Thus, we find it expedient to anoint our presidential nominee one-third of the way through the primary season. We have a House minority leader in St. Paul who punishes members of his caucus for representing their districts rather than taking orders from him.

Moreover, we had a Republican Congress that chose to rubber stamp Mr. Bush's agenda just because he called himself a Republican. Along the way, that Congress reneged in its constitutional responsibility to rescue that president from his own ineptitude and plunged itself into minority status.

Jerry Miller