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IN THE COURT OF THE PRAIRIE ISLAND MDEWANKANTON DAKOTA COMMUNITY PRAIRIE ISLAND INDIAN COMMUNITY STATE OF MINNESOTA Court File CIV-0604-14 NOTICE OF HEARING Skye Yvonne Crowe, Ciarra Baker, Petitioner FROM: THE PRAIRIE ISLAND INDIAN COMMUNITY: TO: ALL INTERESTED PARTIES; You are hereby notified that Ciarra Baker has filed a petition in the Prairie Island Indian Tribal court in Welch, Minnesota requesting that the legal name of Skye Yvonne Crowe be changed to Skye Yvonne Baker. A copy of said petition is available at the Clerk of Court's office by calling 651-385-4161. A hearing on said petition shall be heard on the 9th day of July, 2014 at 1:30 o'clock PM at the Prairie Island Tribal Court Dated June 5, 2014 BY ORDER OF THE COURT: /s/ Henry M. Buffalo, Jr., Chief Judge Attest: /s/ Diane Benson Court Clerk 3 da; 6/18, 25, 7/2