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-LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT- TRANSCRIPT OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BELTRAMI COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS May 20, 2014 The Beltrami County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 20, 2014, at the County Administration Building Board Room, 701 Minnesota Ave, Bemidji, MN. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Chair Jim Lucachick called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm with Commissioners Tim Sumner, Jack Frost, Joe Vene & Richard Anderson present. GENERAL BUSINESS Approved Agenda and Amendments /M/Frost /S/Sumner – carried Approved Consent Agenda /M/Vene /S/Anderson – carried CONSENT ITEMS APPROVED •Minutes, Aud/Treas Payment of Bills, Aud/Treas Warrant Listing •9th Judicial District Lease Extension •Memorandum of Understanding for Crude Oil Research Site •Consumer Scale Agreement with Tasler Northwoods, Inc •Health & Human Services Monthly Child Protection Reports, Family Child Care Licenses, & warrants for payment •Commitment of ConCon funding to City of Kelliher REGULAR AGENDA • Debra Hartman-Steigauf Retirement • /M/Anderson /S/Frost to ratify and approve the AFSCME Courthouse Contract for 2014-2016 with the implementation of the job evaluation study as presented by placing employees on the step of the new pay scale which is closest to their current pay but higher. Employees will move to the next step of the pay scale on their anniversary date and the following cost of living increases: 2013-1%, 2015-2%, 2016-1.5% increase January 1 and 1.5% on July 1. Flex dollar contributions will increase by $50 per year to: 2014-$890.00, 2015-$940.00 and 2016-$990.00. Longevity pay will change to $10/pay period after 10 years, $20/pay period after 15 years and $30/pay period after 20 years of employment, employees hired after 1/1/2014 will not be eligible for longevity pay. Maximum accrual of PTO will increase to 540 hours. The Christmas Eve past practice will end. - carried unanimously. MEETING ADJOURNMENT Adjourn @ 5:22 pm /M/Sumner /S/Anderson – carried Jim Lucachick, Chair Kay Mack, County Administrator A copy of the complete minutes is available on the County website under Government at 1 da; 6/10