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-LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT- TRANSCRIPT OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BELTRAMI COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS May 6, 2014 The Beltrami County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on May 6, 2014, at the County Administration Building Board Room, 701 Minnesota Ave, Bemidji, MN. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Chair Jim Lucachick called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm with Commissioner Jack Frost, Joe Vene & Richard Anderson present. Commissioners Tim Sumner was excused. GENERAL BUSINESS Approved Agenda and Amendments /M/Vene /S/Frost – carried Approved Consent Agenda /M/Anderson /S/Frost – carried CONSENT ITEMS APPROVED •Minutes, Aud/Treas Payment of Bills, Aud/Treas Warrant Listing •Owner/Architect Agreement with DLR Group for Jail Renovation Project •Resolution to Vacate a portion of State Aide Rd. 25 •Resolution to accept Eggert Land Exchange •Resolution for Public Sale of Tax Forfeited Land •Resolution to enroll Deputy in PERA Police & Fire Plan •Resolution & Joint Powers Agreement for NW MN Regional Emergency Communications Board •Bid Award for Highway Projects: CP 004-014-003 Pavement Marking, CP 004-014-001 Dust Control, SAP 004-030-005 Countywide Seal Coating, SAP 004-605-026, SAP 004-634-003, SAP 004-636-008 Projects on CSAH 5, 34 & 36. •PH-Doc Maintenance & Support Agreement with MCCC •Health & Human Services Monthly Child Protection Reports & warrants for payment list •$40,000 Contract with Greater Bemidji for MI2 Pilot Project REGULAR AGENDA • /M/Vene /S/Frost to invest $150,000 of County Development Funds to support the purchase and renovation of the Mayflower Building into an Entrepreneur/R & C Accelerator, contingent upon the investment commitments from other key partners as identified by Greater Bemidji in the 5/6/2014 presentation. Carried 3/0 vote. Commissioner Lucachick abstaining. MEETING ADJOURNMENT Adjourn @ 5:24 pm /M/Frost /S/Vene – carried Jim Lucachick, Chair Kay Mack, County Administrator A copy of the complete minutes is available on the County website under Government at 1 da; 5/27