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-LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT- LAMMERS TOWNSHIP SOLICITATION FOR QUOTES BITUMINOUS SURFACING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Board of Supervisors for Lammers Township, will be accepting quotes for MnDot SPWEB240B installed bituminous materials on Jones Townhall road NW. Lift one beginning approximately 2,700 feet south of the BNSF railroad crossing from that point lift one proceeds south 3,400 lineal feet to the south township line at a depth of 1 1/2 inch compacted and a width of 22 feet. Lift 2 begins Approximately 2,150 feet south of BNSF railroad and proceeds south 3,950 lineal feet to the south township line at a depth of 1 1/2 inch compacted and a width of 22 feet. Estimated quantities approximately 1500 ton including bump outs for approaches. Alternate quote #1 is requested for MnDot SPWEB240C on the above described project. Base preparation and shouldering will be done by others. Minor retolerancing of the base will be the responsibility of the bituminous contractor. "Under construction" signs to be done by others. Traffic control while installing the bituminous is to be done by the bituminous contractor. The completion date for the project is August 30, 2014 Sealed quotes may be mailed to Dianna Fredrickson, Clerk, 17719 Old Jefferson Road NW, Solway, MN 56678, or delivered to Lammers Townhall before 7:00 PM on June 10, 2014. Deadline for quotes is June 10, 2014, no later than 7:00 PM. The bituminous shall follow the most current MnDOT specification 2360, with the following: 1. MnDOT specification 2399 does apply. (Ride) 2. MnDOT specification 2360.3.D.2 "ordinary compaction" does apply. 3. MnDOT D2 Lab will be used for the QA portion, including a current mix design recommendation. With Beltrami County Highway Dept. as alternate. Prior to award and notice to proceed the contractor must submit a performance and a payment bond. MnDot spec, failure to complete work on time shall apply to this contract. The contractor must submit certification that they are enrolled and currently active in a certified MnDot random alcohol and drug testing program. All contractors' liability, vehicle liability, and workers compensation insurance certificates must have $ 1,000,000. Per occurrence and $ 2,000,000. Aggregate minimum limits on the aforementioned insurance requirements. All certificates of insurance naming Lammers Township as "Additional Insured". Lammers Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotes at Town Board's discretion. Dated this 20thday of May, 2014 Dianna Fredrickson, Township clerk 2 da; 5/25, 6/1