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UPDATED: Husband says MN woman, trapped in car for 18 hours, recovering

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The husband of a Minnesota woman who was trapped in her overturned car on an icy pond says she's expected to recover.

Authorities say 67-year-old Nancy Breberg was looking for a hotel in Plymouth when she veered off the road, crashed through a fence, landed on the pond and became trapped for 18 hours until a bicyclist found her Saturday. Some water had seeped into the car around her feet.

Her husband, Ron Breberg, tells The Associated Press she's on a breathing tube and sedated at Hennepin County Medical Center, with frostbitten feet.

Breberg says she could not get her door open or crawl out a broken window, so she spent the 18 hours hoping and praying someone would find her.

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