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Minn. activist's dad admits to bumping prosecutor

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A Minnesota activist's father has pleaded guilty in Iowa to bumping a federal prosecutor in anger after his son was sent to prison for animal enterprise terrorism.

Timothy DeMuth of Minneapolis pleaded guilty Thursday to obstructing Assistant U.S. Attorney Clifford Cronk after his son's 2011 sentencing.

A plea agreement says DeMuth was upset a judge ordered his son, Scott, taken to prison rather than letting him surrender later.

DeMuth bumped shoulders with Cronk and stood in his way so the prosecutor couldn't leave the courtroom.

Prosecutors claimed Scott DeMuth was linked to the Animal Liberation Front. They had accused him of being involved in a 2004 raid on a University of Iowa laboratory but later dropped those allegations. Scott DeMuth pleaded guilty to a raid on a ferret breeding farm.

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