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Snails cause closure of Lake Winnie campground harbor


CASS LAKE -- An invasive species has caused a seasonal harbor at the Lake Winnie Campground to close.

According to the United States Forest Service, a large number of faucet snails were found at the West Winnie launch site, which prompted the closing. The faucet snail is an exotic species, which has been the cause of a large die-off of waterfowl in recent years on Lake Winnie.  Officials said the large amount of vegetation by the dock where the snails are present could accidentally be picked up by boaters, allowing the snails to be transported to other lakes.

The site will close Monday and a temporary boat access near the site will be opened. The Forest  Service has also made temporary adjustments to the dock to move it to accommodate boaters.

People boating on the lake are being asked to carefully inspect their boats for the snails and other aquatic invasive species.