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33 candidates to run in Red Lake election

RED LAKE -- A total of 33 candidates filed for four representative seats and three officer positions, including chairman, and will take part in the Red Lake election on May 14. The deadline to file for the election was March 15 and the filings were certified by the Red Lake Tribal Council on Tuesday, according to a press release.

Tribal Chairman Floyd “Buck” Jourdain is seeking reelection and will be challenged by Kathryn “Jody” Beaulieu, Ron Lussier and Red Lake Tribal Treasurer Darrell G. Seki, Sr.

For Tribal Secretary, incumbent Don Cook, Sr. will be challenged by Rochelle “Chelle” Kingbird, Judy Roy, Sam Strong and Jim White.

With Seki running for chairman, there will be a new Tribal Treasurer. Those running are Michael Barrett, Annette Johnson, Lee Lussier, Jr., Glenda J. Martin and Cheryl Schoenborn.

In the representative races, Gary L. Nelson, Sr., will run for reelection in the Ponemah District, facing challengers Clifford C. Hardy and Eugene Perkins.

For the Red Lake representative, incumbent Roman "Ducker" Stately will be challenged for the seat by David F. Desjarlait, Deanna K. Lasley, Donovan M. May, Robert L. May, Martin “Mott” Parkhurst and Robert “Bob” Smith.

In the Redby District, incumbent Julius “Toady” Thunder will face challengers John W. Dudley, Matt Sayers, Clayton Van Wert and Thomas “Jambi” Westbrook.

Current Little Rock representative William “Billy” Green is not seeking another term. Running for the seat are Adrian Lee Beaulieu, Katherine “Spears” Dudley, Christopher Jourdain and Robert “Charlie” Reynolds.

According to the press release, winners are declared if a candidate receives 50 percent of the vote, plus one. If no one in a race attains that number, a run-off election will be scheduled 60 days after the conclusion of all certification, challenges or recounts, which would put the run-off election in the late July or early August timeframe, the release said.