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History enactment to encompass greater community

The North Beltrami Heritage Center, in collaboration with the Beltrami County Historical Society and Blackduck History Center, will present "Minnesota History Player — Fur Trade Clerk, George Nelson" for students studying Minnesota History in Bemidji, Blackduck and Kelliher schools and for community members in Bemidji and Kelliher. The 45 minute enactments about George Nelson (1786-1859), a fur trade clerk for the XY, North West and Hudson Bay companies will include information about his life as a fur trade clerk, the roles of traders, clerks, voyageurs and Indian suppliers in the Great Lakes fur trade, the cultural and economic exchange between the Dakota, Ojibwe and Europeans and trade goods from around the world and their value in beaver pelts.

The presentation schedule begins Tuesday, Sept. 17 with a 10 a.m. reenactment for 6th graders at Blackduck School, 1 p.m. reenactment for 6th graders in Kelliher and another showing for the Kelliher community at the Old School Center at 3 p.m., which will be followed by the Harvest Supper and Marketplace event.

Bemidji reenactments will be 10:20 a.m., and 1 p.m. for third graders at Lincoln Elementary and 7 p.m. for homeschooled students and community members at the Beltrami County History Center.

Connections will be made to the broader state, national and international story of the fur trade and how it relates to local stories. Local history groups at Bemidji, Blackduck and Kelliher will also provide attendees with information about their local history centers and create an awareness of and connection to local history resources.

This program is made possible through the Region 2 Arts Council, local history groups and Minnesota State Legacy Funds.