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GOP wants Minnesota special session on warehousing tax

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Republican lawmakers want Gov. Mark Dayton to order a special session so they can seek repeal of a just-approved warehousing tax.

The sales tax on commercial warehousing services isn't due to take effect until April 2014. But Thursday's push for a special session is aimed at keeping political pressure on the Democrats who supported it. Some business owners say the tax could cause them to look elsewhere for warehousing.

The tax was adopted as part of a new state budget. It is expected to generate $82 million in its first full year.

Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans says the storage tax wouldn't apply to agricultural products, refrigerated food, electronic data, vehicles and boats and mini-storage rentals. Businesses that own their own warehouses wouldn't owe tax on what they store there.

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