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Daily arrests, police and fire report for May 30

Police Report

The Bemidji Police Department responded to the following calls:


2:41 a.m. Thursday, 1600 block of 23rd Street Northwest. A 38-year-old man was arrested on charges of gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process and attempting to escape from custody.

Weapons offenses

9:28 p.m. Wednesday, 1600 block of 23rd Street Northwest. A single gunshot was reported, but officers were unable to locate any problems.


4:03 p.m. Wednesday, 900 block of Minnesota Avenue Northwest. A theft was reported.

6:30 a.m. Wednesday, 2800 block of Pine Ridge Avenue Northwest. A theft from a vehicle was reported.

Sheriff’s Report

The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls:


11:08 p.m. Wednesday, 2100 block of Roosevelt Road Southeast. A landlord reported a fight. Nothing was happening when officers arrived.

Property damage

9:18 p.m. Wednesday, Dewey Avenue Southwest in Wilton. A vehicle was damaged.


8:39 p.m. Wednesday, intersection of Town Hall Road and Claire Lane Northwest. A transformer blew and took out power to the neighborhood.


5:18 p.m. Wednesday, 47300 block of Pioneer Road Northeast in Kelliher. A theft in Shotley Township was reported.

Fire Report

The Bemidji Fire Department responded to the following calls:

1:15 p.m. Wednesday, 1600 block of Fox Drive Northwest. A grass fire that was threatening structures was extinguished before firefighters arrived.

4:52 p.m. Wednesday, 1400 block of 23rd Street Northwest. A gas odor was reported.

11:46 p.m. Wednesday, 100 block of Third Street Northwest. A gas smell was reported.

10:42 a.m. Thursday, 800 block of 14th Street Northwest. Medical call.

Daily Arrests

The following people were arrested Wednesday. The charges listed here do not necessarily reflect the counts that may be levied against them by the Beltrami County Attorney's Office.

Kevin Earl Victor Barsch, 39

G - SENTENCED - 609.506.2

COMMITMENT Giving Peace Officer False Name-of Another Person

Lawrence Albert Cronquist Jr., 20 

M - A & D HOLD - 609.595.3

VIOLATION-Damage to Property-4th Deg-Intentional Damage

Glen Anthony Fisher, 34

G - COURT/PENDING - 609.78.2 04CR124428

WARRANT/Emergency Telephone Calls/CommunicInterfere w

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.2242.1(1)

WARRANT-Domestic Assault-Misdemeanor-Commits Act to C

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.224.1(2) 04CR124236

WARRANT/Assault-5th Deg-Inflict or Attempt Bodily Harm

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.72.1(1) 04CR122343

WARRANT/Disorderly Conduct-Brawling or Fighting

Laurel Ann Ironcloud, 29

G - COURT/PENDING - 169A.25.1(a)

VIOLATION Traffic - DWI - Second-Degree Driving While Impaired

The following people were arrested Thursday.

Brandon Ken Castonguay, 34

F - A & D HOLD - 152.021.1 13DOC1443

Violation- Drugs - 1st Degree - Sale Crimes

Carl Leland Smith, 34

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.487.6

Fleeing a Peace Officer By a Means Other Than

M - COURT/PENDING - 609.595

Damage to Property

G - COURT/PENDING - 609.50.2(2)

Obstruct Legal Process-Force/Violence or Thre

G - COURT/PENDING - 609.485

Escape From Custody (attempt)

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