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Performers honored at Beltrami County Fair

BEMIDJI -- The Marilyn Shutter Country Stage has been a staple of the Beltrami County Fair for the past seven years. This year, organizers decided to honor a group of people who have contributed to the stage by adding their names to a Hall of Fame plaque during a ceremony Wednesday night.

Keith Winger, a member of the entertainment committee for the Marilyn Shutter Country Stage , said a group of six committee members looked through more than three years worth of participants who have performed on the stage to pick out the Hall of Famers.

"As a group we just decided which ones we thought were most deserving -- and that's difficult because there's a lot of them that are deserving," he said.

The 2014 inductees who will have their names etched into the plaque are Mary Anne Lewis, members of the Fraser Family and members of the music group "Old Friends".

Winger said the plaque will be displayed on the stage for the remainder of the fair and will be stored away until next year. He said the committee plans on choosing one or two people for the Hall of Fame each year to add to the plaque.

"We hope to do this every year so we can fill up our plaque with good deserving people."

Marilyn Shutter Country Stage Hall of Fame Inductees

• Individual: Mary Ann Lewis

• Group: Fraser Family (Kent, Kim, Sara, Deborah, Abigail, Daniel, Jonathan)

• Group: Old Friends (Lee Sande deceased, Harold Borchers, Don Drusch ,Wes Djonne)