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Blackduck laundromat under new ownership

After ownership of the King Koin Launderette has tumbled around in recent years, the business has found itself in the hands of a more fitting owner.

Shannon Muller, originally of Guthrie, manages the laundry of 32 resorts, three summer camps and two massage parlors and now has her own equipment to do so.

The laundromat was purchased by Gary Kelley in 2012 from Grant Foss, who had only owned the business for a year. Before that, it was in the hands of Nina Anderson.

After that cycle, the Laundromat ended up with Muller after she purchased it on June 2.

“The laundromat just kind of gave me my own equipment and whatever people spend in here is just a little bit extra,” she said.

She worked at Park Avenue Laundry in Bemidji before her time ended there in 2007.

“I finished working for them full-time through the remainder of the summer and then on the side of that I cold-called resorts and got six of them to say “sure,’” said Muller.

Slowly after that her business began to grow, taking one large leap in 2011.

“It’s been a few here, a few there,” she said. “Most of it came when there was Itasca Laundry out of Grand Rapids and he retired and there was no one else that offered pickup or delivery so then I blinked my eye and it was 17 resorts that I added that year. It was pretty crazy.”

The businesses that she caters to are located in Pennington, Walker, Laporte, Northome, Squaw Lake and nine of them are between Blackduck and Bemidji.

“If I’m not driving to pick it up, I’m actually doing the wash,” Muller said.

With all of the business, Muller said that there’s an eight-week stretch during the summer that she works seven days a week with little sleep and Saturday, July 12 will mark the halfway point of that stretch.

Last year, she did laundry overnight at Grand Central Laundry in Bemidji and had someone else delivering it during the day.

“I need to sleep some time at night and so that part I guess has been a little trickier this year,” Muller said. “I’m here most of the time but it’s just Sundays and Tuesdays that I have my route and otherwise it’s just a couple hours here and there on Wednesday Thursday and Friday.”

Muller also lives above the Laundromat with her four children, which she said has been convenient.

“It’s not bad, you know, coming downstairs and going to work,” she said with a laugh.

She also has future for the business including changing its look and the name to Blackduck Laundry.

“It looks institutional,” Muller said “So I think some remodeling is in order.”

Jillian Gandsey

Jillian Gandsey is the Multimedia Editor at the Bemidji Pioneer. She is an Iron Range native and a 2013 graduate of Bemidji State University. Follow Jillian on Twitter and Instagram @jilliangandsey. Contact her at 218-333-9786, 218-996-1216 or at 

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