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Bemidji man sentenced for witness tampering

BEMIDJI – A 19-year-old Bemidji man was sentenced this week for felony first-degree tampering with a witness.

Jordan Anthony Thompson was given a stay of imposition; if he successfully completes five years on supervised probation, he will be convicted of a misdemeanor charge.

Thompson was sentenced Monday by Beltrami County District Judge Paul Benshoof. He was ordered to spend 43 days in jail and was given credit for 23 days already served. He must pay or work off a $500 fine and pay $160 in fees.

Thompson pleaded guilty to the charge Aug. 7.

According to a criminal complaint, Thompson punched a male who previously had cooperated with law enforcement as officers investigated a stolen motor vehicle.

Thompson was sentenced in May for felony theft of a motor vehicle.

The male he was accused of punching had reportedly driven Thompson and two other males to a home where they stole a pickup truck, according to a criminal complaint. All four males were arrested by law enforcement but the male Thompson was accused of punching “told the truth” to investigating officers and was subpoenaed for a trial.

On March 31, the male was driving near Orton’s gas station when he saw Thompson with a group of people, who waived him over to stop, according to the complaint. He rolled down his window and Thompson reportedly said something like, “Did you snitch on me? I have papers saying you did.”

Thompson then punched the male on the left cheek through the open window, according to the complaint.  Another male, unknown to the victim, also punched him on the same cheek before the victim drove away.