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National Park Service backs Carnegie move


BEMIDJI -- The National Park Service recently approved the relocation of Bemidji’s historic Carnegie Library within Library Park.

The Carnegie will keep its listing on the National Register of Historic Places during and after its restoration, currently planned for 2015, according to a release. The Carnegie will move 17 feet back toward the lake, remaining within the original Bemidji settlement where it was built.

The move will ensure the safety of visitors by moving the front entrance away from the heavy traffic of Highway 197 and eliminate the ongoing severe damage to the sandstone façade due to snowplow throw, the press release said. The move also enables construction of an ADA-accessible rear entrance, as well as removing the visual encroachment of traffic signals and the traffic noise, which detract from the historic nature of the building. For more information on the project, call Kay at 758-3580 or visit