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Weather: I just did me some talkin' to the sun

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend - the traditional beginning of summer in the northwoods. I'm spending the weekend with my headphones on and my iPod set to shuffle and reflecting on recent weather.

During last weekend's stormy weather I knew a hard rain was gonna fall. While I was riding the storm out all I could think about was who'll stop the rain? It seemed like it was raining all the time. At one point it was raining men. Even though I was informed that flowers never bend with the rainfall, my garden didn't appear to be enjoying the weather. As I watched several motorcycles pass, I contemplated going outside and singing in the rain but after putting on my famous blue raincoat and stepping onto the deck I decided to take shelter from the storm.

After our long, snowy winter and moist spring, it seems like years since it's been clear, but sunshine came softly through my window today. Hey, it's good to be alive swimmin' in sunshine. After looking out my back door I decided I wanted to kick it in the sun. I put on a pair of cheap sunglasses and went outside to soak up the sun. Although I had hoped to be walking on sunshine, the yard was still muddy. I was enjoying the day so much I implored the powers that be to not let the sun go down on me.

The autumn winds and the winter winds they have come and gone. The summer wind, warm summer wind. Mmmm, the summer wind.

Tom Siemers is the Pioneer's circulation manager. Email him at