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Bemidji City council to consider bond sale

The Bemidji City Council will consider this week the sale of bonds to refinance the sales-tax bonds used to develop the south shore.

Also on the agenda for the regular council meeting is a request for Tax Increment Financing assistance for a 30-unit multi-family housing unit.

The council will convene at 7 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, the regular meeting will be held one later than usual.

Byron Knutson, the city's bond counsel through The PFM Group, is expected to attend the meeting and detail the city's options for selling the $44 million in sales-tax bonds.

Also, the council is expected to consider a resolution that would support TIF for the construction of a 30-unit multi-family housing development.

Pine Haven Townhomes is proposed to have 32 townhome-style units with two- and three-bedroom units for low- and moderate-income families.

The council previously has supported the project. In June, it voted to waive a total of $8,389 from anticipated building and SAC/WAC (sewer and water connection) fees for the development. The figure was determined because it is 10 percent off the total of the expected fees ($83,893).

The council also is scheduled to consider to other matters.

It will be asked to consider an ordinance that would recommend changes to the transportation and land use plans for the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board.

The changes would include the inclusion of livable community concerns such as taking a balanced approach to transportation that integrates all modes of transportation, such as pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular.

Also, the council will be asked to consider its wishes for utilities along Roosevelt Road, which is going to be reconstructed by Beltrami County in 2011.

The county has asked the city if it has utility needs along the route (from Paul Bunyan Drive to 6.5 miles east).

Part of the road is already in city limits served by city water and sewer; replacement of those facilities is not needed.

However, the north side of Roosevelt Road from Lake Avenue and one-half mile east are in Bemidji Township, in the fir-year-annexation area scheduled to be annexed on Jan. 1, 2012. The south side of the roadway will remain in Bemidji Township.

Residents were asked by survey if they would be interested in paying to have the utilities extended. Assessments are expected at $18,000 per assessable unit to cover the projected $500,000 cost.

Just one of the 17 responses from affected residents received by the city and the township was in favor of the utility project.