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Blackduck Police warn against phone scam

BLACKDUCK — The Blackduck Police Department is warning residents of a possible telephone scam in the area.

A resident of Blackduck contacted law enforcement after receiving a phone call March 19 from a male with a foreign accent. The man told the individual their electric bill must be paid in full within 30 minutes or the electric service would be disconnected.

The individual asked the caller for identification and the caller gave a name and stated he was with North Itasca Electric and also provided a phone number. The number was discovered to be a cellphone from Barnum, Minn.

The victim contacted the electric utility provider and learned it was a scam where perpetrators are seeking information such as credit card or bank account information over the phone.

The Blackduck Police Department strongly urges residents to never give personal information over the phone to an unsolicited caller. Residents are advised to contact their electric service provider if they have any questions regarding this type of call.