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Northwoods Coalition selected for Bremer giving challenge

Northwoods Coalition for Family Safety, one of 50 nonprofits that share the common mission of improving the lives of young people in Greater Minnesota, was selected to be the beneficiary of a giving challenge that will launch Sept. 28 and end Oct. 5.

The goal of the Bremer Give-to-the-Kids Challenge is to encourage Minnesotans to support youth by donating through, an online giving portal.

The Otto Bremer Foundation, which is sponsoring the challenge, is providing a matching grant of about $300,000 for the challenge. Participating youth-serving nonprofits will receive a one-to-one match for the first $6,000 each organization generates through online donations made on during the campaign. People can visit and select the organizations they want to support.

"We have a long history of supporting youth programs," said Charlotte Johnson, a trustee with the Otto Bremer Foundation. "Our youth are the future of our communities, and the Bremer Give-to-the-Kids Challenge is a great opportunity for all the people of Minnesota to join in shaping those futures."

Money donated to Northwoods Coalition for Family Safety will directly benefit its mission of NCFS is to provide a safe environment, to empower women and to change aspects of society that perpetuate the oppression and victimization of women and children. Other participating nonprofits serve communities across the state, including Alexandria, Brainerd, Marshall, Moorhead, and St. Cloud. The nonprofits range from community centers that sponsor after-school programs to organizations aimed at strengthening families through education.

"We are very passionate about our work in helping our youth," said Breanna Leuze, of Northwoods Coalition for Family Safety. "We are honored to have been selected by the Bremer Give-to-the-Kids Challenge and encourage our local community members to support us so we may continue to address the needs of our young people."

Northwoods Coalition for Family Safety will also work with the Bremer Give-to-the-Kids Challenge to learn new efficient and cost-effective fundraising techniques, such as online channels like These new methods will allow the organization to efficiently reach current and potential donors.