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Bemidji Tea Party planned for Tax Day

A "Taxed Enough Already" Tea Party will be held Thursday, the April 15 traditional Tax Day, at the Lake Bemidji waterfront.

The second year of the event, participants will line the east side of Bemidji Avenue by the waterfront from 4-5:30 p.m. with signs

Also during that time, hot dogs and chips will be available for a free-will donation.

At 5:30 p.m., a rally with speakers will be held at the Paul Bunyan and Babe statues at the waterfront.

While national tea party groups have engaged the traditional Republican Party as not being conservative enough, the Bemidji Tea Party is sponsored by the Beltrami County Republican Party.

"Recent federal takeovers have you concerned? Worried about losing the freedoms we cherish? Wondering what future we will leave to our children?" says the party-sponsored Bemidji Tea Party Web site, with a link found at

The Web site offers links to slogan suggestions for signs to make and brink the the Liberty Line along Bemidji Avenue, such as:

- Ignorance, apathy and indifference pave the road to tyranny

- Rebellion to tyranny is the natural manure of the tree of liberty - Thomas Jefferson

- Socialized medicine hotline: 1-800-YOU-DEAD

- Born free, taxed to death

- Cap and Trade = Trap and Raid

Besides last year's Tax Day Tea Party, the Beltrami County Republicans sponsored tea parties on July 4 and in early September.

The July Fourth event featured a Liberty Line along Bemidji Avenue and a rally at the new Courthouse public speaking area. The rally, "Freedom Over Socialism," featured former House Minority Leader Marty Siefert of Marshall, who is a frontrunner for the GOP nomination for governor.