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Beltrami County DFL Party meets Sunday

The Beltrami County DFL Party will hold its election-year convention starting at noon Sunday in Bemidji State University's Beaux Arts Ballroom, Hobson Union.

The chief order of business will be the election of delegates to State DFL, 7th Congressional District and 8th Congressional District conventions.

Delegates are normally chosen according to the gubernatorial candidates they support, with delegates proportional to candidates' support in the entire delegation.

Some of the gubernatorial candidates may as well attend and speak to Beltrami County DFLers during the course of the afternoon.

Delegates elected from Feb. 2 DFL precinct caucuses are delegates to the county convention.

Also expected to address the convention are locally elected DFLers, including Sen. Mary Olson of Bemidji, Sen. Rod Skoe of Clearbrook, Rep. John Persell of Bemidji and Rep. Brita Sailer of Park Rapids.

An endorsing convention for those positions, however, is 9 a.m. March 27 at Walker-Hackensack-Akeley High School.