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Bemidji entrepreneur guest speaker at U of M

Andy Wells, owner of Wells Technology and originator of the Wells Academy apprenticeship program, was a featured speaker last week during the Entrepreneurship Perspective Spring 2010 seminar.

The students at the Gary S. Holmes Center for Enterprise at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management are accustomed to speakers telling them how to make a business successful and profitable. Wells' speech, "Entrepreneurs Add Value," covered those ideas, but offered a different perspective as well.

"There's the getting and the giving," Wells said. "That's the tool of commerce. The focus has to be on creating value for other people."

A business has to remain profitable, but business owners also need to reach out to the community, he said.

"Giving out time, giving our expertise, our facilities," Wells said. "We're thankful we can reinvest."

Wells emphasized the four tenets of Wells Academy - character, strategy, vision and action - as necessary for responsible entrepreneurship.

"It was fun because the young folks heard a little different side of business than they normally hear," Wells said. "The young people liked it because they could put themselves in my place. It's equally important to be innovative through social situations."

Wells said he was honored to be invited to bring his perspective to the students at the Carlson School.