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H1N1 vaccinations will begin in stages

H1N1 vaccinations in Beltrami County will be staged by groups, Beltrami County's Community Health Preparedness Team stated Tuesday in a news release.

The first vaccines will be given to those most in need --children with chronic medical conditions and pregnant women. Limited supplies of vaccine for H1N1 are expected to arrive in about 10 days.

Additional supplies will arrive over a period of several weeks, and the public will be advised of the next round of vaccines and for whom they will be available.

For more information, call the Beltrami County Flu Hot Line at 333-8145 or visit and click on "Find a Flu Shot" page, which list current locations of vaccination clinics. The Web site is updated daily, along with current flu advisories.

The Community Health Preparedness Team continues to stress the importance of staying home when ill, washing hands and covering coughs.