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BSU plans Sexual Responsibility Week

BEMIDJI -- BSU will host a series of events next week as part of Sexual Responsibility Week, partly in response to a suspected assault that occurred earlier this month in the city.

The BSU series launches at 7 p.m. Monday in a presentation titled Party Like a Revolutionary, a session that will focus on creating safe environments for women at parties.

The presentation, in Hagg-Sauer 100, will be delivered by Men as Peacemakers, a Duluth, Minn.,-based nonprofit. It offers training on the “BEST party model,” an approach to sexual assault prevention on college campuses.

“The BEST Party model outlines ways in which the party environment can be structured to prevent sexual assault from happening — even at the wildest parties,” states the website, found at “It is a public health model of primary prevention which assesses, and then transforms the environment in which harm is occurring.”

According to the website, college parties, while an “integral part of the recreational and social experience” on campus, too often lead to disrespect or physical violence against women.

“This can devastate individuals and negatively impact the entire campus community. The reality is that men are responsible for most of these damaging behaviors, and women are left to deal with party environments that become uncomfortable and dangerous,” the site states. “The party scene, however, does not have to be overshadowed by discomfort, fear, and violence against women.”

The nonprofit works to educate others on how to create a safe, respectful, and fun party environment that will help prevent sexual violence.

A female reported this past Monday she had been assaulted following a local Super Bowl party held on Sunday. Also recently a woman said she was sexually assaulted after a man walked her home from a downtown Bemidji bar.

BSU will hold several other events during the week. For a full schedule, visit