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Other Bemidji schools to consider calendar changes

BEMIDJI — What about other schools?

Because Bemidji Area Schools must provide transportation to the local charter and parochial schools as well, many of them very closely follow the district’s schedule, usually anyway. This winter, though, has afforded a variety of challenges that have prompted several unknowns.

It is recommended parents and guardians check with their student’s teacher or school administrator to get the most current information.

TrekNorth and Schoolcraft both reported Thursday they will be considering the Bemidji Area School’s calendar changes, but it is nearly certain they will convert the Feb. 12 day into a full school day as well.

Scott Anderson at Schoolcraft said his students also will have class on Presidents Day, Feb. 17.

TrekNorth’s school board is set to meet Tuesday, at which time it will consider the remainder of the year, Dan McKeon said.

At Voyageurs Expeditionary School, an email reported its school board meets next week as well and will consider at that time the best course of action for the remainder of the year.

For parochial schools, it is more complicated as those schools do not always as closely follow the district’s calendar.

Carol Rettinger, at St. Philip’s School, said the school already decided to convert Feb. 14 into a school day, transitioning it from what had been scheduled for a teachers’ in-service day to a day of class.

The rest, she said, will be decided Tuesday, when the school board meets, and St. Philip’s staff will be communicating with parents.