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‘It’s so cold outside that . . .’: Temps plummet for holidays

BEMIDJI — A popular local Facebook page, managed by Beltrami County Emergency Management, solicited its 3,200-plus followers for their best punchlines Monday morning, challenging them to finish the joke, “It’s so cold in Minnesota that…”

“Dentists don’t need to use Novocaine to numb their patients’ mouths,” offered one woman.

A true story was offered by one of the department’s employees, “Newlyweds had to postpone their Key West honeymoon because it was so cold the plane wouldn’t start at the airport.”

Hey, if we have to endure it, we might as well laugh about it.

Winter officially began Saturday and the temperatures in the region proved it, with actual temperatures dropping to 25 below zero Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service office in Grand Forks, N.D.

At 8:11 a.m., the NWS reported a wind chill of 43 below zero in Bemidji.

The coldest temperatures in the area, according to the Beltrami County Emergency Management, were in Waskish, which reached 26 below zero.

“Could drop a degree or two before ‘warming’ up to the single digits below zero for high temperatures,” the department posted Monday morning, talking about the predictions for that day’s forecast.

Peter Rogers, a meteorologist with the NWS in Grand Forks, said the weather service does not specifically keep records for Bemidji so he could not definitively say whether the temps flirted with a record low Monday.

However, he looked at the historic lows in Grand Forks and Fargo, N.D., which were 30 and 31 below zero in 1983, and the temperatures throughout the region were generally 15 to 25 below zero Monday.

“Chances are, it wasn’t a record-cold morning,” he said, “but it certainly was a cold morning.”

The NWS issued a wind chill advisory through 1 p.m. Monday, warning the wind chills could drop to 25 to 40 below. A similar warning was issued for much of the Red River Valley until 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The temps would remain cold and the winds were expected to again pick up for the Monday to Tuesday overnight, with extremely low wind chills again predicted.

The NWS issued the advisory to warn of potential frostbite and hypothermia for those venturing outside, if they did not take proper precautions.

The forecast for the holiday looks more favorable, with a high of 9 above predicted for today and 12 above on Christmas Day. On Thursday, temps are again predicted to drop, to a high of 1.

But the weekend is forecasted to be more pleasant, with double-digit highs of 20 degrees predicted for Friday and maybe even 21 on Saturday.

Then, they’ll drop again, to a high of 1 on Sunday.