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Bemidji area Christmas bird count set for Saturday

BEMIDJI -- The 114th Audubon Christmas Bird Count will take place starting at 7:30 a.m. Saturday at the Minnesota Nice Cafe located at 315 Irvine Ave. in downtown Bemidji. The circle will regroup for lunch and mid-day reports at 12:30 p.m. at the Cabin Coffee House, 214 Third St. A Tally Rally will be held around dusk at Brigid's Cross Irish Pub, 317 Beltrami Ave. The community is invited and should call (218) 308-0952 to register.

Participants will work in teams to cover a designated area and can walk, drive, snowshoe or ski while counting the birds. More information is available at

The birds counted will be part of a set of data that is used by researchers, land use managers, city planners and legislators in future years.

Volunteers are also need to conduct feeder watches the same day. If you have an active feeding station at your home, confirm your location or visit the website to check the count circle map because the feeders must be located within the 15-mile count circle. Contact the Christmas Bird Count to confirm that your feeder meets this criteria.

The Christmas Bird Count is also interested in learning about any unusual bird sightings. Late migrant and wandering vagrant birds will help boost the species total for the count and provide important clues about changes in species distribution.