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UPDATED: Bemidji man killed in car-pedestrian accident; no charges pending

BEMIDJI -- Andrew Willard Reed, a 54-year-old homless Bemidji man, was killed early Sunday morning when he was struck by a vehicle in the 800 block of Paul Bunyan Drive South, which is on the stretch of road between Lake Bemidji and Lake Irving.

Reed was standing in the roadway, according to a press release from the Bemidji Police Department, when he was hit by a vehicle driven by Floyd LaDuke, of Bemidji. Reed was pronounced dead at the scene as a result of multiple head injuries. Police were called just before 5 a.m. Sunday, according to the release, which did not state when the accident occurred.

Reed was wearing dark-colored clothing, the release stated. LaDuke did not see Reed until impact occurred, according to police. LaDuke attempted to revive Reed at the scene and called police.

LaDuke passed a breathalyzer test and showed no signs of impairment. 

No one is expected to charged in Reed's death, according to Bemidji Police Chief Mike Mastin.

Reed is the second homeless man to die in a public place in the last four months.

Adelbert James "Butch" Ryan drowned in Lake Bemidji and his body was found on Nymore Beach on June 21.