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Bemidji Middle School math teams place in top 50

BEMIDJI – Two local eighth-grade math teams have placed in the top 50 of worldwide teams that competed in a recent math competition.

Cube Team placed 20th and Quad Team placed 27th in World Math Day, hosted earlier this month throughout the country.

Bemidji Middle School is reportedly the only school to have two teams place in the top 50.

This marked the third year BMS eighth-graders participated in the competition, forming two teams after all students tried out for a spot.

Students earn points as they correctly answer questions in 50 one-minute matches, 10 each in five levels.

Cube Team scored 33,193 points as the Quad Team scored 27,794.

Jack Reed set a new Bemidji record as he answered 66,195 correct answers.

As a whole, BMS eighth-graders scored more than a million points in the practice and competition rounds combined.

2013 Awards

Cube Team

Highest total: 13-year-olds, Adam Hogquist (2,140) and Zach Hansen (2,082); 14-year-olds, Jack Reed (1,851) and Conner Binkert (1,628).

Highest game: 13-year-olds, Sophia Turner (68) and Hogquist (67); 14-year-olds, Reed (67), Binkert (63) and Seth Dreyer (63).

Percentage improvement: 13-year-olds, Jared Young (150 percent) and Turner (51); 14-year-olds, Dreyer (175) and Caden Rolfes (125).

Most accurate: Alexia Theis (98 percent).

Quad Team

Highest total: 13-year-olds, Amy Yang (1,880) and Simon Weise (1,764); 14-year-olds, Nick Olson (1,441) and Laura Bieberdorf (1,359).

Highest game: 13-year-olds, Weise (60) and Yang (58); 14-year-olds, Olson (56) and Tynan Grospe (55).

Percentage improvement: Brooke Kehoe (38 percent) and Jack Balmer (35); 14-year-olds Olson (218) and Stephanie Lauderbaugh (163).

Most accurate: Jesse Smrekar (98 percent) and Kylei Grosfield (98).