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BHS gauntlet recognizes students

The Bemidji High School student body held a gauntlet Wednesday to honor five groups for their successful seasons. Honored were All State Band, Choir and Orchestra selections, members of the Mock Trial and Science Olympiad. Shown above are the members of the Mock Trial.Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer

BEMIDJI – The Bemidji High School had a gauntlet Wednesday to honor the members of the All State Choir, All State Band, All State Orchestra, and the Mock Trial and Science Olympiad students that qualified for state.

The following students were recognized:

 – All State Choir’s Matt Bock, David DeKrey, Isaac Flaa, Emily Groshens, Tiffany Lisdom, Hannah Allen

 – All State Band’s Erin Jones

 – All State Orchestra’s Emily Kivi

 – Mock Trial Region 2 Champions and State Participants Colin Rochards, Lyla Evje, Abby Greene, Chloe Lundberg, Kailee Martens, Chris Smith, Bobbi Montgomery, Elle Sherman, Tessa Grantier, Julia Armstrong, and Taylor Frankhanel

 – Attorney Coaches Katie Nolting and Cheyenne Horien

 – Teacher Coach Jeff Aas

 – Northwest Region Science Olympiads Mitchell Deer, Billy Deer, Alex Logan, Zach Holcomb, Cole McLean, Abby Hinrichs, Kayli Holcomb, Henry Curtis, Kayla Snell, Nicolette Roy, Ben Bowman, Luke Thebauld-Spieker, Monica Wittner, Venessa Smith, Kevin Sorenson, Advisor Ken Schreiber.