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Class sizes under review by Bemidji School Board

BEMIDJI – The Bemidji school board this week will review its annual report on class sizes that exceed recommended guidelines.

The school board will review the report during its regular monthly meeting that begins at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the media center at Bemidji High School.

According to the report, included in the agenda packet for the meeting:

The school district has 98 elementary classrooms, of which 18 exceed guidelines. Twelve classrooms are over guidelines by one student, three classrooms are over by two students and three are over by three students. Eighty classrooms are at or below guidelines.

The Bemidji Middle School has 85 course offerings in addition to its nine pods. Six pods exceed guidelines – one by two students, one by three students and three by six students. Ninety perfect of elective classes are at or below guidelines.

Bemidji High School offers more than 200 course offerings. Forty-three classes exceed guidelines by less than three students. More than 150 classes are at or below guidelines.

In other business, the school board will consider approval of three aims, goals and measures, which guide the Building school Improvement Goals and give direction to meeting the needs of all students.

The school board will be asked to continue the three aims previously set by the school board: highest level of student success, safe and welcoming environment, and effective and efficient operations.