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Bemidji School Board to meet

BEMIDJI - Pre-school expansion and the Guthrie school forest are on the school board's agenda for their upcoming meeting.

The Bemidji Area Schools Board of Education will hold its monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Bemidji High School Media Center.

Among the points of interest on the agenda include information about pre-school expansion and the plan for the Guthrie school forest.

"The forest received significant tree damage from the last storm," said Chris Leinen, the district's director of business services. "We are proposing to have some of the damaged timber removed from the forest because it will rot."

While the forest is currently not usable and a dangerous place to walk, Leinen said once it's cleaned up, it will be ready for student use again.

"The students will be in charge of replanting," Leinen said. "They'll continue to manage it."

Bemidji Area Schools' students use the forest as an outdoor classroom and are also responsible for cleaning up the trails and replanting trees.