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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Bemidji School District students will have weeklong spring break next year

Students in the Bemidji School District will have a spring break next year.

The district's Board of Education unanimously approved having a weeklong spring break included in the 2012-13 school calendar. This follows the district's tradition of giving students a weeklong spring break every other year.

But having a weeklong spring break means June 6 would be the students' last day of school. As a comparison, this year, which does not include a weeklong spring break, students' last day of school is May 31.

In order to find out how parents felt about having a spring break, the district asked them to take an online survey.

Of the 902 responses the district received, 45 percent said "yes" to wanting a weeklong spring break next year, while 55 percent said "no," according to Superintendent James Hess.

This meant to several board members that parents and students in the school district are split when it comes to deciding whether a weeklong spring break is favorable.

The board was given three calendar options to choose from at Monday's meeting.

All three calendar options had the school year starting Sept. 4, and included 173 student days and 183 teacher contract days, with Aug. 27 designated as the teachers' first day of work. Each option also set aside three makeup days for snow days.