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WITH VIDEO: Bemidji 'promposals': Video showcases creative prom invites

Evan White asked his would-be date to Bemidji High School's prom by spelling out the invite in large letters in vacant field. Tara Bergeron accepted the invitation after spotting it from a plane, with Evan beside her, while flying up above Bemidji. (Submitted photo)2 / 3
Tara Bergeron and Evan White. (Submitted photo)3 / 3

BEMIDJI -- Evan White asked Tara Bergeron to prom in a big way: with letters larger than his own home.

Evan and Tara, both seniors, were among four friends who recently took a plane ride up around Bemidji. Tara didn't think anything of it, because after Evan had gone for a similar ride without her once before, she had asked that the next time, she be invited to come along.

Four friends were in the plane for the most recent excursion. They flew over a couple of their homes when Evan suggested that they go see his house, too.

"We flew to his house and he's like, 'I can't see it,'" Tara recalled. "I was closest to the window and I'm like, 'Oh it's right there, it's right there.' Then we turned a corner a little bit, to try to show him the house, and finally I saw it."

Evan, with the help of his father, had "Prom?" spelled out in giant letters in a field, using the kind of chalk one would use for striping a baseball field.

"The letters, the whole word was bigger than my house," Evan said.

She said yes, of course.

"I was expecting (the invitation) but I had no idea it was going to be anything like that," Tara said.

The two, who will be attending today's Bemidji High School prom with a group of friends, were among about 20 couples that were included on a recent BHS video report showcasing the different ways juniors and seniors were asking one another to prom.

The video clip, totaling about 2 minutes, was created by senior Jaramie Wood for her advanced video production course, through which students film, edit and create and their own videos to be part of Lumberjack Live, a weekly BHS program shown during homeroom each Wednesday.

"I just saw a lot of guys have been asking girls to prom and they've been doing in a lot of cute ways," Jaramie said.

Couples were sharing photos of the invites -- sometimes now known as promposals -- on social media and Jaramie decided to put them together to create a slide show.

Usually, the girls ask the guys to the winter formal and those invites tend to be more creative, but Jaramie said prom invitations were exceptionally memorable this year.

The video, which is now online at, shows an array of inventive invitations:

• There is one boy, who during a school trip to New York, asked his date for a prom date in the middle of Times Square.

• On a baseball, another boy wrote, "I might strike out asking, but will you go to prom with me?" Another guy had each character for "Prom?" spelled out on hockey pucks.

• One girl received a bag of Hershey kisses with this note, "I'll give you a kiss if you give me a prom date."

• Several students spelled out "Prom?" in various edible ways, from writing it on a super-sized donut to writing it in chocolate sauce on a whipped cream-topped latte to writing it on a plate of ice cream at a dinner out.

• One girl had to put together a large puzzle to get her question, Prom with Ben?

Even Jaramie herself is in the video, having come home from Florida to be greeted by a huge banner. On it were pictures of herself with the boy who was asking her to prom.

"Every year for prom and (the) formal, we've taken a picture together but we've never gone together," Jaramie said of her prom date.

Because they never went together, they never color-coordinated with one another.

So the banner had their pictures together and proclaimed, "Maybe this time we'll match?" and then asked, "Prom with Dalton?"

"It was a cool way for the school to see how creative the guys have gotten," she said of the video clip. "They did some really cute things this year."