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Students' call helps police

When a suspicious-looking vehicle was seen circling the playground during the lunch hour Feb. 9, seven students at Central Elementary School made the right call.

They noted the car's color and remembered the license plate number. After seeing a person in the vehicle attempt to lure them in by holding a soda out of the window, the students told a school official, who then called the police.

The police officer used the description the students gave to locate the vehicle, which was being driven by a parent of who was looking to show off the vehicle they had purchased.

Police Chief Mike Mastin described the students' crime fighting efforts as "amazing."

"As young as those students are, to have recognized this as a threat or something that could possibly harm them, they did what they should do," he said. "The students were only one letter off with the license plate information. That, along with other details they gave, allowed officers to quickly locate the vehicle."

Mastin said students are not always recognized for showing good behavior.

As a reward, the Central Elementary students received certificates of achievement during a ceremony Feb. 15 to reinforce the behavior and reward students.