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Five girls on Bemidji High School basketball team cut hair to help others

From left, Megan Downey, Alissa Sagedahl, Jenna Sagedahl, Kellie Morehouse, and seated Ellie Muller, all members of the Bemidji High School basketball team show their lock of hair they donated Friday morning to Beautiful Lengths. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Five members of the Bemidji High School basketball squad donated hair to Beautiful Lengths on Friday afternoon.

It started with the seniors suggesting the idea, as many as eight said they would cut off their locks, but five - Megan Downey, Kellie Morehouse, Jenna Sagedahl, Ellie Muller and Alissa Sagedahl - walked in the doors of X-Static Salon.

No tears were shed as at least 8 inches of hair were cut off the girls.

But they had plenty to say:

"I feel bald."

"I can only make a baby ponytail."

"I have to dig out the scarves."

Jenna Sagedahl summed it succinctly.

"I haven't had my hair this short since I was a baby," she said.

Beautiful Lengths works with American Cancer Society and partner "HairUWear" to craft high-quality real wigs for women affected by hair loss from cancer treatment.

"It was a little stressful, but it will grow back," Morehouse said.

And Downing offered some perspective.

"Knowing it is given to someone with cancer is worth it," she said.