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Bemidji School Board adopts canvassing of school board election results

The Bemidji School District's Board of Education canvassed the Nov. 2 general election of school board members at a special meeting held Tuesday at the district office.

Carol L. Johnson, Melissa Bahr and Richard (Bill) Faver received the largest number of votes, respectively, to fill three four-year positions on the board.

A total of 15,029 votes were cast for the election of school board members. Johnson received 5,270 votes, Bahr received 5,160 votes and Faver received 5,154 votes.

The three candidates begin their term the first Monday in January 2011, with their terms expiring the first Monday in January 2015.

Those elected must file an acceptance of oath of office with the school district clerk within 30 days of mailing or personal service of the certificate of election.