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A look at the Cass Lake-Bena School District handbook:

Student attire

-- Graffiti or gang-related or obscene drawings are not permitted and will be reported to the Student Resource Officer.

-- No hats/caps are to be worn in the buildings during the school day. When hats/caps are brought to school they must be removed before entering the building and stored in a locker and not carried around in the building anytime. If worn after leaving the building, they must be worn straight on head, either backwards or forwards.

-- Headbands, bandanas or known gang-related clothing or insignias may not be worn in school or at any school-related sponsored activities at all.

-- Pants must be worn at the natural waistline and cover the students' underwear. Baggy pants must be held up with a belt.

-- Inappropriate pictures, words or promotion of alcohol or other drugs cannot be worn in school.

-- No gang-related apparel/accessories will be allowed. Students will be asked to change the item or brought home to change the item.