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J.W. Smith shines in test scores

Of all the schools in the Bemidji School District, one school defied gravity to rise above the others.

Students at J.W. Smith Elementary School posted exceptional math and reading scores across three grades.

More than 85 percent of the students at J.W. Smith met or exceeded proficiency levels on the MCA-II reading test. In comparison, the district averaged 74.4 percent and the state averaged 72.3 percent.

Additionally, more than 80 percent of students at J.W. Smith met or exceeded proficiency levels in math, compared to a district average of 65 percent and a state average of 66 percent.

"Looking at J.W. Smith's scores, they are above the state and district in every level," Palm said. "They're doing amazing."

Palm plans to discuss J.W. Smith's test scores at the all-district data retreat in August.

"They had grade level meetings throughout the year where teachers would come in and look at their data," Palm said. "It's amazing at what they did and we're going to address it at the data retreat."