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Nevis principal resigns to return to math teacher roots

Meeting in special session Monday, the Nevis School Board accepted the resignation of Jodi Sandmeyer as K-12 principal and agreed to assign her as a high school math teacher, testing coordinator and academic adviser.

In a letter to the board, she explained she is starting a family "and would like more time to spend with my child."

Sandmeyer began as a math and science instructor in the district in 1994, teaching for eight years until assuming the role as principal.

"This is a sad and happy day," board member Sherm Anderson commented.

Gary Stennes thanked her for her years of dedication and service to the district.

"I've seen no one more dedicated during my five-year tenure," superintendent Steve Rassier commented.

"I'm happy to get you back into teaching," Marv Vredenburg commented.

"I'm happy to be back," Sandmeyer told the board.

"We're excited and the kids are excited," Ed Becker told her.

In addition to classroom duties, she presented board members with "ideas to consider." These include ordering and administering all district tests, inputting the testing data in the system, distributing testing results as appropriate to staff, reporting on results to the school board and updating and verifying Adequate Yearly Progress.

As an academic advisor, she is proposing that her role will include assisting students with applications and organizing the senior reception. She will set up college visits, schedule representatives and send transcripts.

The district is advertising the position.

In other action, the board approved independent contracts for 2009-10, reflecting 1 to 2 percent "adjustments."

"Retro checks" will be sent to the affected employees.

The 2010-11 contracts will be presented at the June meeting.