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Bemidji Education Association has approved a tentative agreement with School District

The Bemidji Education Association's Negotiation's Council and Executive Board have approved a tentative agreement with the Bemidji School District.

According to a press release issued by BEA President Paul Goodwin and BEA Lead Negotiator Ami Aalgaard, the BEA's general membership will meet today to discuss the agreement and will vote on the tentative agreement Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The tentative agreement approval comes almost three weeks after Goodwin stated in an e-mail, "Rest assured, there is no agreement between us (and the district)."

At its December school board meeting, the district approved a tentative agreement that gives teachers a 0.2 percent increase from 2008-09, a 0.3 percent for 2010-11 and no salary lane advancements for the 2010-11 school term. In addition, the annual maximum district insurance premium contribution remains unchanged at $7,275 per year for each year of the contract.

If no contract is signed between teachers and school districts by Jan. 15, a one-time penalty fee of roughly $130,000 will be imposed on the district in the form of state aid reduction.