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Lincoln Elementary School: A world of holidays

Lincoln Elementary School fifth-grader Caleb Klinke, left, explains to Dawn Suther his research and display board on Bosnia. Students in fifth grade at the school held Holidays Around the World with ethnic food and display boards on various countries. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Surfs up! Santa's comin' to town on a surf board - in New Zealand, that is.

Fifth-grade classes at Lincoln Elementary School displayed their annual "Holidays Around the World," projects on Tuesday morning at the school.

"We've been doing this for about 10 years now," said fifth-grade teacher Joan McKinnon.

Student groups researched and displayed information on a country, focusing most of their research on how their country celebrates holidays.

As a special treat, each group featured handmade crafts, clothing, and food and drink samples representative of their countries. Some examples included wafer cookies similar to ones found in Bosnia, apples, and pineapples from Thailand and squash and beef jerky - favorites of South Africa.

"This is what Santa looks like in Bosnia," said Caleb Klinke, 10, who pointed to a picture on his display board of a boisterous-looking Santa holding a pyramid of toys in his arms.

According to McKinnon, the holiday project was a collaborative effort among many teachers in the school.

"They did some research in their technology and library media classes," McKinnon said. "In art class they had some time to work on their boards, too."

Fifth-grade teachers Deb Brown and Abe Schwartz were also involved in the planning of the project.