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Bemidji Middle School Library is now open

Bemidji Middle School library is now open after being closed since the start of school.

According to BMS Principal Drew Hildenbrand, a paraprofessional was hired on Monday to serve as the new school librarian.

Budget adjustments made last year caused the District to cut the librarian," said Hildenbrand. "We couldn't open the library until we had someone to run the database."

Hildenbrand said he received mixed reactions from parents on the closing of the library. Some shared frustrations of their children not being allowed to check out library books from school.

Casual reading material was off limits, but some teachers were allowed to bring their classes in for research projects.

Hiring volunteers or a substitute paraprofessional was an option while trying to find a librarian replacement, said Hildenbrand. But trying to work a database of over 1,000 kids was too much work for a short-term position.

"The hiring process took some time," said Hildenbrand. "But we had 109 applicants for the position, which was a positive thing."

The library will be open during normal school hours.