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Blackduck receives approval for four-day school week

The Blackduck School Board voted 5-1 April 6 to try the new schedule for the 2009-10 school year.Today,Blackduck Superintendent Bob Doetsch received an e-mail from the Minnesota Department of Education approving the change.

He said Mondays will be the day dropped from the school week beginning in September. He said there are 31 Mondays in the school year, but the skipped days will actually be 26 Mondays because some are holidays.

"I think we've got a lot of positive feedback," Doetsch said. "People are excited to try something new. I'm excited to give it a shot."

He said the teachers are also positive about the change.

"We have our naysayers, of course," Doetsch added, but after the 2009-2010 school year district residents will vote whether to continue the four-day week.