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Lueken’s to revamp Maid-Rite Cafe

BEMIDJI — The times will be a changing for the soon to be former Maid-Rite Cafe.

It will remain a restaurant, but it will no longer be part of the Maid-Rite franchise after being purchased by Lueken’s Village Foods.

"It will be something completely new," Lueken’s CEO Brent Sicard said. "It is going to be a breakfast, lunch and dinner establishment."

The company is in the vetting process for naming the new restaurant. The building will be going through a new design and new updates, Sicard said.

"We are working to include new technology for the restaurant," Sicard said. "For instance, sometimes servers are not available when people are ready to order. We are looking at having an iPad at each table, so when people are ready to order, they can right from the device.

"They could be able to pay from their table through the device, and even be able to play games like chess, hangman and others. It will have multiple features."

The iPad could allow customers at the restaurant to earn points, through an app, with a loyalty card program.

That technology is in the design stages, but Sicard is optimistic the devices will be ready when the restaurant opens.

Luekens will officially take over Maid-Rite Cafe on May 15, but Maid-Rite’s last day of business will be May 11.

"The building will be closed for a while as we remodel," Sicard said. No official opening date has been set.

The new restaurant will look to have a broad appeal for its customers, he said.

"We want students, professional business people and families to feel welcome," Sicard said.

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